CONSERVE & ENJOY your Cold or Hot Drink anywhere.
For 1 to 5 or more people, depending on drink size, using carry-on 4-oz cups.

cone-ctc-cups can-ctc-cups
Model: cone-ctc-cups. Above is a sample; Please, click for more information.. Model: can-ctc-cups. Above is a sample; Please, click for more information.

World Fastest Electronic Thermoelectric Drink Cooler & Warmer,
Highest Electricity Conserver, Largest Variety,
Fresh Milk, Condiment & Vegie Dispenser Cooler.

" Cools faster than compressor cooler fridge of the same load, internal and external ambient Temperature and Relative Humidity."

(Pat. Pend.)

Contact & Global Divisions. All models cost: USD $5.00/week, if Omnibus Payment is available in the store. Temfast Usage Note.
Indispensable Educational Knowledge & Comparison.
RRT=Restart Ready Time.
Temfast Performane Verification Test. (Available soon).
New Technologies, Better Innovations, Humanity & Ecology Benefits.
For Your Car, Bus & Truck; Room. Home & Eateries; Office & Workplace.
Variety is the very spice of life. It gives it the flavour. William Cowper, 1785.
mcv-fp2 gas station
Above are samples; Please, click for more TEMFAST Models & Varities for COFFEE-SHOP   FRESH: Milkettes, Milk-Boxes, Milk-Bags & Condiments.(TMCV). Above is a sample; Please, click to see group Models & Varities for: Gas-Stations, Kitchens, Cars, Boats, Offices & work-Places, Taxis, Police, Parties & Celebrations, Baby-Milk, Banks & Drinks. (TU)
K9-M2-M2 KCOS-M1
Above is a sample, Please, click to see TEMFAST group Models & Varities for: 1-Drink, 2-Drink, 3-Drink & 4-Drink Containers & Sizes. (TDG) Above is a sample, Please, click to see TEMFAST Models & Varities for ALL DRINK TYPES, CUPS, CONTAINERS & SIZES. (TAD)

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